All these links/posts are places I haven’t been to but I want to check out. I’ll post and make it clear whenever it’s something I’ve eaten or visited that I recommend. Again, this blog is a bit selfish in it’s bare bones style as it’s mainly for me to keep track of food links I come across online.


I’m Back … Again!

So I’m starting this blog up again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried to consistently blog. Here is another try. My new idea for what this blog is going to be is more or less just a place for me to save links of food stuffs that I find interesting or that I might want to check out. I’m trying to make the vision/purpose for this simple so that it’ll be easy to manage and blog regularly.

I’ve been using Feedly to accumilate links but it doesn’t really do a good job of letting your search and access them unless you pay for a premimum account. So I decided to take matters into my own hand. Also this will make what I share more accessible because it’s also difficult to search for things I’ve shared on Facebook.

Again, hopefully I’ll keep this consistent. The “Press This” bookmarklet helps a lot to make it easy to blog items.